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Without Chiang Kai-shek, How Could There Be a Lai Ching-teh?
Tainan City Mayor Lai Ching-teh has ordered the removal of 14 bronze statues of Chiang Kai-shek currently standing in public elementary and junior high schools in Tainan. He has rubbed salt into histo ...
2015/03/27 291
Failure of US Boycott Drive: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank a Historic Harbinger
Globalization and the Internet are blurring the boundaries between West and East. International politics and power will be increasingly dependent upon realpolitik rather than ideology. Britain, France ...
2015/03/26 264
Lee Kuan Yew: A Legend Who Broke the Mold
2015/03/25 374
Washington Should Join AIIB, Much More Taipei
US attempts to prevent its allies from joining the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, or AIIB, have clearly failed. Britain recently announced that it has just joined the AIIB. Germany, France, Ital ...
2015/03/24 214
Impetuous Masses and Indolent Politicians Move Not a Nation
The Sunflower Student Movement revealed the passion of youth. They issued an idealistic challenge to political realism. For that they deserve recognition. But political movements are no substitute for ...
2015/03/23 240
Sunflower Countercurrent: Reasonable Questions, Wrong Answers
The Sunflower Student Movement reflects popular discontent and concerns over national policy. That is understandable. But problems such as generational deprivation, economic doldrums, challenge of glo ...
2015/03/20 250
We Welcome the Sunflower Student Movement into the System
The Sunflower Student Movement has ended. Student leaders and closely-linked citizens' groups are gearing up as they throw their hats in the ring for the elections. The Sunflower Student Movement lead ...
2015/03/19 222
Sunflower Student Movement: Successful Protest, Failed Evolution
Last March 18, opponents of the STA occupied the legislature. Today marks the first anniversary of that occupation, commonly known as the Sunflower Student Movement. The occupation impacted people. It ...
2015/03/19 247
Abe Should Heed Merkel's Advice
During a recent visit to Japan, German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave the Abe government some unwanted advice. She said Japan should face up to its past, and resolve the comfort women issue. This is th ...
2015/03/17 264
Tsai Ing-wen: Four Uncertainties for Her Win in 2016
Eric Chu may offer a breakthrough in cross-Strait policy. Tsai Ing-wen, by contrast, continues to hem and haw. Can the KMT consolidate support behind a single candidate, even if Eric Chu decides not t ...
2015/03/16 280
Taiwan's Strategic Options Disappearing in the Big Picture of PRC and USA
Facing the sea change in PRC-USA relations, Taiwan must change its strategy in a timely fashion. It must not become a “troublemaker” in PRC-USA relations. Balancing the trilateral relationship between ...
2015/03/13 288
How Should the DPP Cope With Earth-Shaking Cross-Strait Changes?
Xi Jinping says that if the 1992 consensus, the political foundation for cross-Strait relations, is destroyed, then cross-Strait trust will cease to exist. Cross-Strait relations will revert to chaos. ...
2015/03/13 312
Commemorating V-J Day Requires Self-Confidence and Ambition
Faced with the conflicting interpretations of history and search for historical facts, the ROC has sadly been mired in a state of embarrassment and passivity in the commemoration and interpretation of ...
2015/03/12 282
Flight Route M503: Model for Cross-Strait Dispute Resolution
The long dispute over the Flight Route M503 has finally been resolved. Neither side is completely happy with the result, but both sides can live with it. At least, a consensus was reached under mutual ...
2015/03/10 248
“One Country, Two Systems” and “Taiwan’s Self-identity”
Legally and realistically, we have already defined Taiwan and the Mainland as "one country, two regions". These two regions have their own jurisdictions and their own political systems. This already i ...
2015/03/09 249
Xi Jinping and Tsai Ing-wen: Cross Swords
Ambiguous political language may temporarily fool some of people on Taiwan. But in the end, DPP Chairperson Tsai Ing-wen must come clean. She must explain just exactly what she means by “consolidation ...
2015/03/09 258
Ma Ying-jeou and Eric Chu: The Big Question of Right and Wrong
The KMT faces an uphill battle in 2016. A united KMT may not win. But a disunited KMT will surely lose. “Peace supreme” may not be enough. Only cohesion, ideas, and vision can win popular support. Whe ...
2015/03/06 277
Why Is Taiwan's Democracy on the Brink of Crumbling?
The 2016 Presidential election is now approaching. Taiwan politics needs a major division, a major restructuring, a major rocking to the system, one that breaks the pattern of narrow Blue-Green confro ...
2015/03/05 276
Sovereignty Is Vested in the People: Consolidating Sovereignty Is a Red Herring
The presidential election is heating up. Outdated political rhetoric has resurfaced. Consolidating our national sovereignty has been given a rebirth. If this rhetoric resurfaces, the ultimate goal wil ...
2015/03/03 322
Will the Mainland Change to Accommodate a Ruling DPP?
Since 2008, cross-Strait interaction has increased. Tourism, business deals, and cultural and educational exchanges have created a boom hitherto-fore unseen over the past half century. During the Spri ...
2015/03/02 215
Economic Prosperity Without the World's Second Largest Economy?
If the Green Camp truly loves Taiwan, it must tell the truth. Taiwan must make best use of the Mainland factory, develop the Mainland market, and integrate with the Mainland economy. Taiwan’s cultural ...
2015/02/26 234
Cross-Strait Confrontation: Which Side Eventually Benefits?
The DPP scored a major victory during the nine-in-one elections. Since then it has seemingly become more self-confident. Its stance on the 1992 consensus and the Taiwan independence party platform has ...
2015/02/25 257
President Ma's Power and Ideals: The Mysterious Frittering Away
President Ma Ying-jeou recently granted this paper an exclusive interview in which he vowed to continue promoting his unfulfilled goals during the remainder of his term. He vowed never to slack off. H ...
2015/02/24 313
Tsai Ing-wen's Choices: To Betray Taiwan Independence or to Betray Taiwan
Tsai Ing-wen has announced her candidacy for the DPP presidential primary. She is now approaching her final mile to the Presidential Office and facing her final choice. Tsai Ing-wen must choose betwee ...
2015/02/17 288
Prison Hostage Crisis Reveals Four Major Problems
Six inmates last Wednesday took hostages inside Kaohsiung Prison. Early Thursday morning, all six rioters shot and killed themselves, ending the siege. This alarming hostage-taking incident lasted 14 ...
2015/02/16 215
MAC: Hsia Replaces Wang Amidst Tripartite Wrangling
Chang Hsien-yao, former Deputy Chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC), will not be indicted for allegedly leaking confidential information to Beijing, according to the prosecutors. MAC Chairma ...
2015/02/13 261
Ukraine Crisis Remerges, US and EU Agree on Ends but Differ on Means
Ukraine finds itself caught between Europe, the US, and Russia. Taiwan can empathize. Today’s Eastern Europe could be tomorrow’s Taiwan Strait. The international situation and domestic situation const ...
2015/02/12 263
On Policy Marketing: From Good Packaging to Good Salesmanship
The KMT was routed in the recent nine-in-one elections. One of the main reasons was that merely having a bunch of well-intentioned, ambitious policy prescriptions was not enough. Opposition obstructio ...
2015/02/11 243
Competing in Asia: Foreign Capital Must Be Introduced to State-Owned Banks
The Ministry of Finance recently made a clear commitment: State-owned banks need not turn over all their future earnings to the Treasury. They should hold on to them, and use them to raise the banks’ ...
2015/02/10 278
Flight GE235: Did Deception Lead Passengers to Disaster?
The flight GE235 crash was a tragedy. The competent agencies must conduct a thorough investigation. In addition to the record kept in the black box, did the captain report an engine abnormality? Was h ...
2015/02/09 274

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