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Ma Supports Taiwan Joining AIIB in Media Interview


 Ma Supports Taiwan Joining AIIB in Media Interview    


 Source: All Taipei Newspapers

Mar. 27 2015


In an exclusive interview with the Taipei-based Want Want China Times (旺旺中時集團) yesterday, President Ma Ying-jeou stated for the first time that "instead of only being an outsider, we should actively participate in Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)," however, the first issue which needed to be resolved was in what capacity we could join. The proposed AIIB is led by the Mainland, and 37 countries have expressed interest in joining the AIIB.  


In the interview, President Ma stated, in the next twelve months, he hoped that the cross-Strait Merchandise Trade Agreement (MTA) would be concluded, and reciprocal cross-Strait offices could be established as well. Moreover, Ma stressed that ECFA would only be consummated after the Legislative Yuan ratified the cross-Strait Services Trade Agreement (STA) and the MTA, which would be conducive to the ROC's participation in regional economic/trade integration in the future.    


Moreover, with regard to Taipei City Mayor Ko's previous statement that the 1992 Consensus was outdated, President Ma stressed that it was not an issue that the 1992 Consensus was outdated, but that how to operate under the 1992 Consensus was an issue. Ma added that he hoped Mayor Ko could further observe and understand the benefits that the two sides of the Strait had enjoyed as a result of the 1992 Consensus.       


With regard to whether there would be a meeting between Ma and Xi Jinping, General-Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, President Ma stated that he would not give up hope that a meeting could be held, nor insist on such a meeting, adding that he was willing to do anything as long as it was conducive to peace and prosperity on both sides of the Strait.      


Moreover, President Ma refuted the groundless allegations that he had received an NT$ 200 million political contribution from businessmen. He called on prosecutors to investigate the case thoroughly so that truth would be out as soon as possible.   


With regard to the controversy over the Taipei Dome, President Ma stated that he opposed hastily demolishing the Taipei Dome, but shortcomings should be improved with safety in mind.   


President Ma admitted that the capital gains tax on stock transactions was a policy proposal for which he regretted. Ma went on to say that although the general direction of the policy was correct, the timing and approach could have been more carefully thought out.


In addition, former Vice President Vincent Siew led a delegation to Hainan Island to attend the Boao Forum for Asia (博鰲論壇). Siew is expected to meet with Xi Jinping on March 28 and would reportedly discuss AIIB issues. With regard to whether Taiwan could join the AIIB, the Mainland's Taiwan Affairs Office only stated previously that all parties concerned were proceeding in accordance with the MOU (memorandum of understanding).    

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