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National Policy Foundation, KMT Think Tank, Reorganized, Eric Chu Doubles as NPF Chairman


KMT Press Release
 National Policy Foundation, KMT Think Tank, Reorganized, Eric Chu Doubles as NPF Chairman
KMT Culture and Communications Committee
February 10, 2015
Lin Yi-hua (林奕華), director of the KMT Culture and Communications Committee, stated on February 10 that the National Policy Foundation (NPF), the KMT think tank, completed reorganization this morning. KMT Chairman Eric Chu (朱立倫) was elected as the new NPF Chairman, while Hau Lung-bin (郝龍斌) and Timothy Yang (楊進添) were elected as Vice Chairmen. 
The new board members include: Huang Min-hui (黃敏惠), Lee Shu-chuan (李四川), Lai Shyh-bao (賴士葆), Tsai Cheng-wen (蔡政文), Tsai Hsun-hsiung (蔡勳雄), Chu Yun-peng (朱雲鵬), Yiin Chii-ming (尹啟銘), Kao Koong-lain (高孔廉), Kao Su-po (高思博), and Johnny Chiang (江啟臣). Yiin Chii-ming serves as NPF President, and Tsai Cheng-wen, Resident Board Member.  
Those who sit on the supervisory board are Chang Chang-pang (張昌邦), the convener, Lu Shiow-yen (盧秀燕) and Chiang Cheng-yen (江政彥).  
Lin Yi-hua quoted KMT Chairman Eric Chu as saying that since the NPF was established in 2000, it made great contributions to policy research and nurturing new talents. Since the KMT regained power in 2008, a total of 35 NPF members have joined the government, including Premier, Vice Premier, and Secretary-General of the Cabinet. 
Lin stated that Chairman Chu applauded the contributions made by the NPF over the past years, such as providing major policy recommendations and pushing for reforms. Chu stressed that it was important for the NPF to play the role of passing the torch onto the next generation, adding that the NPF must accumulate the precious experiences from the KMT governance while pushing for innovative ideas in order to live up to the public expectations in transforming the KMT.   
Chairman Chu stressed that the party’s think tank would be more institutionalized after the reforms. In the future, KMT Chairman would double as NPF Chairman and Vice KMT Chairmen would serve as NPF Vice Chairmen, while NPF President would be elected by board members. Chairman Chu stated that NPF would be defined as “KMT’s think tank” with its focus primarily on the strengthening of the party’s ideals, and the study of public affairs and theories. 
Chairman Chu stated that KMT’s think tank must work closely with the KMT caucus in the Legislative Yuan in drafting bread-and-butter bills and promoting public policies. In addition, the KMT would also invite young, talented scholars to join the KMT’s think tank and nurture talents for the party and government who could keep up with the development of new technologies and the thinking of the electorate.              
Finally, Chairman Chu expressed his gratitude to former NPF Chairman Lien Chan (連戰) and former board members for their support in reforming the KMT’s think tank.  


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