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Lien Unveils Campaign Planks, Winning Ma’s Approval and Support


  Lien Unveils Campaign Planks, Winning Ma’s Approval and Support

Source: KMT Culture and Communications Committee

Date: 2014.08.21

Sean Lien (連勝文), the KMT’s nominee for the up-coming Taipei Mayoral election, unveiled his campaign planks yesterday at the KMT Central Standing Committee meeting. Lien announced “Sowing the Seeds of Hope” as the theme of his campaign, suggesting that Taipei be made “more balanced, more innovative, more civic, more philanthropic, more efficient, more international.” Lien said that Taipei was a city full of hope, so he wanted to tell the community that as long as we were willing to work hard, we could definitely reap the fruits of dreams from the seeds of hope.

KMT Chairman Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) stated that although he had finished his second term as Taipei Mayor 8 years ago, he still saw Taipei making progress day by day. For example, Ma referred to the EasyCards (悠遊卡), which Lien revolutionized and expanded as the first chairman of the EasyCard Corporation. When EasyCards first came out in 2002, the company only issued several hundred thousand cards, Ma, said, adding that, however, by 2006, the company had issued more than 8.6 million cards. According to Ma, at present 47 million EasyCards have been issued. At first, Easycards were used as contactless payment cards on buses and the Taipei Metro. Now they can also be used in convenience stores. The EasyCard Corporation is planning to cooperate with foreign cities, such as Singapore and Hong Kong, so that EasyCards may be used abroad in the very near future, stated Ma, adding that EasyCards have been one of Taipei’s most important achievements.

Chairman Ma also expressed confidence in Lien. As the KMT’s youngest candidate for Taipei Mayor, Lien was extremely energetic and enthusiastic, holding a positive and optimistic attitude toward the future, Ma said, adding that Lien had shown great vitality and ambitions in planning and administration. The KMT would fully support Lien and believed that he would win the November 29 election, Ma said.

As for the recent criticisms coming from the campaign team of Lien’s rival, Ma advised Lien not to take bitter criticisms to heart and encouraged Lien to march forward for Taipei City.


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