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Amendments to Party Charter Passed at KMT National Party Congress


Amendments to Party Charter Passed at KMT National Party Congress


Source: KMT Cultural and Communications Committee


November 11, 2013


The KMT yesterday held its 19th National Party Congress in Taichung. In the afternoon, the National Party Congress passed amendments to the party charter regarding the elections of the KMT chairmanship and members of the Central Standing Committee.


On the Party Charter:


1.    An Amendment to Article 17: In order to coordinate the KMT and its ruling presidency more closely, Article 17 was amended to mandate that any KMT President elected in the future doubles as KMT Chairman. In the future, whenever a KMT member is elected as President of the Republic, he/she will automatically assume the party chairmanship when he/she is sworn in as President.


2.    An Amendment to Article 18: In order to enhance participation of party representatives, the party shall convene the National Party Congress once every year, instead of once every two years.


3.    An Amendment to Article 32: In order to strengthen the functions of the Central Standing Committee, the tenure of members of the Central Standing Committee is changed from one to two years.


In addition, an amendment to Article 2 on the election of KMT chairmanship and an amendment to Article 17 on the election of members of the Central Standing Committee were also adopted by the National Congress.



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